Elect Chris Van Vleet for 2nd Vice-President 2021

Van Vleet for 2021 IAAI 2nd VP

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Van Vleet and I am running for the position of 2nd Vice President of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI). I am currently completing my second term on the IAAI Board of Directors. I am the Chair of the Fire and Arson Investigator Journal and the Co-Chair of the CFITrainer Steering Committee. With my second term on the board expiring this year, I have decided to continue my service to the entire membership by running for Second Vice President. The experience I have gained in my six years on the Board has been invaluable. I still feel that I have more to offer the association and by running for Second Vice President I feel that I can use the next four years to continue my service and work to move our association and profession forward. I will continue to try and build consensus in the board room and work as a team on issues confronting the board, both big and small.

My background includes seven years as a Deputy Sheriff in southwest Kansas, one year as a Police Officer in Overland Park, Kansas and 26 years as a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. As an ATF Special Agent, I specialized in fire and explosives investigations. In 1996, I became an ATF Certified Fire Investigator, a Certified Explosives Specialist in 2006, and an IAAI CFI in 1997. During my career with ATF, I was afforded the opportunity to work with hundreds of fire and explosion specialist worldwide. In 1992, I was honored to be selected as a member of the ATF National Response (NRT) team. In 2006, I became a full time member of the NRT and a member of the ATF International Response Team (IRT). During my career I have provided training to many different IAAI State Chapters, police and fire departments, as well as private agencies throughout the United States. I have also taught internationally. I have taught at the NFA, the ATF National Academy, the ATF National Center for Explosives Training and Research (NCETR), and the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest, Hungry. I have provided training to a number of insurance professionals at various conferences including the Property Liability Research Bureau (PLRB) annual conference.

I am the Past President and Life Member of the Iowa Chapter of the IAAI, and a member of the Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, Ohio and South Carolina Chapters of the IAAI.

After retirement from the ATF, I spent 4 years managing a small origin and cause firm. I now work part time for Fire and Explosion Consultants, LLC as a fire investigator. I am also a contract instructor for ATF and the IAAI.

I would like to continue my service to the profession by continuing in the leadership of the best fire investigation training organization in the world. I ask for your support, endorsement and vote in the upcoming 2021 election to be your next IAAI 2nd Vice President. I am always available to answer any questions that you, or a member of your Chapter, may have. My email and phone contact information is provided below in my signature line.

Thank you for your time I hope I can count on your support!


Chris M. Van Vleet, IAAI CFI, MIAAI
IAAI Board of Directors
Editorial Review Board Chair
CFITrainer Committee Vice Chair

NCIAAI 2020 Candidate for At Large Director
Craig Jarman

August 2020

craig jarman 2020

I have 27 years of fire service experience and 21 years of law enforcement experience. Since March of 2018, I have been employed as a sworn law enforcement officer with the NC Department of Insurance- Criminal Investigations Divi- sion. I am currently assigned to the Office of State Fire Marshal Fire Investigation Unit, conduct- ing fire investigations in a full- time capacity. Prior to this, I served with the Kinston Police Department beginning in 1999, including 4 years experience as a Crime Scene/Criminal Investigator and 7 years as the Criminal Investigations Supervisor. I amassed 11 years experience as a fire investigator for KPD. I have investigated hundreds of fires including criminal arson investigations, large dollar loss- es, and those with fatalities and serious bodily injuries. In addition, I have served the Southwood Fire & Rescue Department since 1993, following in my father’s footsteps after having grown up around the department. I have served as Chief of the Department since 2008.

I have been a member of the NCIAAI since 2006 and would like your support in obtaining an At-Large Director’s position on the Board. My goal is to bring a fresh perspective in continuing to build upon the successes of the Chapter. I will work to enhance communication within the organization to assure that member’s needs are being heard, and to continue to build rapport and strengthen relationships be- tween the different agencies represented in our Chapter. Additionally, I will work to continually improve the quality of the training and resources our Chapter provides as I believe training and safety must re- main a priority. This Chapter has made a huge positive impact on my career and I feel it is my time to give back by serving the Chapter.

Thank you,
Craig Jarman


  • NC Certified Fire/Arson Investigator
  • IAAI Fire Investigation Technician
  • NC Fire Investigator Technician
  • Firefighter II
  • Hazardous Materials Level I
  • Emergency Vehicle Driver
  • Basic Law Enforcement Certification
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate
  • General Law Enforcement Instructor
  • ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800
  • Traffic Crash Reconstructionist

Related Training

  • Fire/Arson O&C Investigations—NFA Fire Inv. Awareness—NFA
  • Chemistry of Haz-Mat
  • Haz-Mat Technician
  • 400 hours through NCIAAI
  • 78 hours of Fire Inv. through PATC
  • Multiple CFITrainer.net courses
  • Analysis of Burned Remains—WCU
  • State & Local Field Training for Fire Inv.—ATF Search Warrant Writing—NCJA
  • Interrogation Rights—NCJA
  • Death Investigation—ECU/OCME
  • Infant Death Scene Reconstruction—NCJA Suicide Investigation—NCJA
  • Legal Issues of Crime Scene Searches—NCJA Child Death Investigation—NCJA
  • Death Investigation—NCJA


  • NC Department of Insurance-Criminal Inv. Division NC Office of State Fire Marshal
  • Southwood Fire Department
  • Kinston Police Department (past)
  • International Association of Arson Investigators
  • NC Insurance Crime Information Exchange
  • North Carolina State Firefighters Association
  • North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs
  • North Carolina Association of Rescue & EMS
  • FOP Lodge # 93-Lenoir County (State Trustee) Lenoir County Vol. Firefighters Association (past VP and current Chair of Fire School Committee)

NCIAAI 2020 Candidate for Fire Service Director
Wayne Sutherland

September 2020

wayne sutherland 2020


  • NC CFI
  • NC Firefighter 2
  • NC HazMat Ops
  • NC Emergency Vehicle Driver
  • NC Emergency Rescue Technician
  • NC Airport Firefighter
  • NC Fire Inspector Level 3
  • ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800
  • NC Fire Prevention School
  • AAS in Fire Science

Related Training

  • CFI Trainer – Over 135 hours of Training
  • PATC – Over 60 hours of Training
  • NCIAAI – Over 270 hours of Training
  • NFA – Fire Investigations – Origin and Cause
  • NFA – Fire Investigations – Electrical Systems
  • NFA – Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention
  • NFA – Youth Firesetter Program Manager
  • NFA – Fire Inspection Principles
  • NFA – Fire Service Leadership 1, 2, and 3
  • NFA – Fire Service Supervision
  • NFA – Principles of Building Construction
  • NFA – Hydraulic Calculations for Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
  • NFA – Hazardous Materials Code Enforcement
  • IAAI – Expert Witness and Testimony


  • International Association of Arson Investigators
  • NC Chapter of International Association of Arson Investigators
  • NC Association of Rescue & Emergency Medical Services
  • NC State Fireman’s Association
  • North Carolina Fire Marshal’s Association
  • National Fire Academy Alumni Association
  • NC Insurance Crime Information Exchange
  • NC – IAAI Training Committee Member High Point Fire Department
  • Guilford County Fire Marshal’s Office Deep River Fire Department

Patrick J. Barker IAAI-CFI
NCIAAI Insurance

patrick barker 2020

Mr. Barker has over 19 combined years of Fire Service and Law Enforcement experience. 15 years of which have been directly in the field of fire and explosion incident investigations with the past 5 being in the insurance industry. Mr. Barker was the Assistant State Fire Marshal for the state of West Virginia, he was the Interim Deputy State Fire Marshal over investigations until he left for the private insurance industry. He is a Certified Fire Investigator through the IAAI, and Certified Fire Explosive Investigator / Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator through NAFI. Mr. Barker has investigated over 800 fire scenes that have involved arson investigations, multimillion-dollar losses and numerous fatalities.

Prior Service on:

Board of Directors WVIAAI 2013‐2015
Training Committee

Endorsed by:

2nd Vice President Wayne DeLancey

Email: patrick.barker@efiglobal.com

Contact: 276‐285‐1142